I have just returned from a relaxing retreat at Harbin Hot Springs. If you have never been there, you must... The water is magical. Just the thing to make you forget that some a-hole ripped your bike off at the train station. Anyways, whatever your nagging issue is, you are sure to find peace at Harbin.

I brought my roommate Jake this time. It was his first time at Harbin, although not his first time at a hot spring. We had previously gone together to Indian Springs, in Calistoga. I would recommend this other retreat center, although I would recommend it much less than Harbin. I think Indian Springs would be a better place to go with children or with a group of friends. Especially friends nervous about being naked in public.

We got there late on Sunday evening and headed up the road to the farthest camping area where we found a peaceful camp site. This camp site was on the side of a hill, right at a cliff where underneath a brook was running. The sound of this running water was delightful to fall asleep to. Also, since it was very clear out, we opted to not include the rain fly on the tent, allowing us to see the inspiring number of stars, shining through the branches of the trees overhead.

Seriously, if you are ready to really feel like a piece of Jello, I recommend that you hit the road. you will never be happier that you got away.

ps.... no clothes, fires, weed/booze or cellphones fyi...

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