Today's post is on how to brew your own Kombucha. I have just been given a scoby from my friend Bruk. A scoby is a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. This is the raw living culture which brews Kombucha tea. Kombucha is a wonderful probiotic tea with many health benefits. I find it gives me energy, really helps digestion, and also has skin and hair improving qualities when you drink it. It can also help manage weight. Its also delish.

Heres how I am making mine... You just need to first find a culture. There are many places you can order online. Laurel Farms is a good resource.

1~Filter 1 litre of water or use bottled water (chlorine can kill your culture)

2~Bring the water to the boil

3~Once boiled, add water to a 1 gallon GLASS container (other materials are harmful to the culture)

4~Add 5 tea bags being sure to use black tea or green tea, not herbal.

5~Add 1 Cup of white sugar

6~Steep with tea bags for 15 mins.

7~Remove tea bags

8~Let cool 1.5 hours until ROOM TEMPERATURE (too hot will kill the culture)

9~Once totally cool, drop in the SCOBY (culture)

10~Add 2 cups of already brewed Kombucha, or 4 tablespoons of cider vinegar.

11~Cover the jar with a paper towel secured with a rubber band. Be sure not to let the culture get contaminated, as mold will render the brew TOXIC. use your best judgment if you see anything that looks like common mold on your scoby (which should look like a liver)

12~In 7-10 days, a new scoby will form on the top of your Kombucha. Be sure to not let it grow mold. Once the new scoby is formed, pour the kombucha into reused glass Kombucha bottles ( I use the ones that GT Dave's Kombucha come in. they are my favorite and the jars are great to reuse.)

13~Let the bottled kombucha sit 7 days not refrigerated. this will allow the kombucha to carbonate.

And lastly~ After 7 days, refrigerate until you enjoy.

you can contact me for a culture and I will hook you up... if I can.

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  1. this is really awesome, doug. i was afraid of kombucha for a while, but i eventually came around and now i'm a pretty big fan. i think i might still be too scared to brew it myself, though. i would probably poison myself. let me know how it goes!!!

    p.s. do you know how to make "flavors" like the kinds you can buy? my favorites are the ginger, gingerberry and the elderflower. i guess it depends on the kind of tea you use?

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