Yesterday I was blessed with an amazing free-on-the-side-of-the-road gift from the gods. I nearly jumped the Volvo up onto the curb once I spotted it! I pulled over in about .25 seconds, leapt out of the car and literally RAN TO CLAIM IT! My apologies to the woman pushing her newborn in the stroller, who based on my bolting toward her ( she was walking by the bag as I ran for it) must have thought I was headed to claim her baby! Sometimes you have to be a spook to claim a purse! I have wanted a mustard vinyl bag for a while now and had been looking pretty hard in all the usual places. I hadn't thought that it would seek ME out... I am delighted to announce that not only does it meet every parameter I have for the perfect Douglas Cain bag (1950s-1980s, perfect wearable color, no major damage, totally functional, a size that will serve a purpose), It also both Samsonite (my favorite except for the mini 1960s "Made in Japan" suitcases in wild patterns), and FREE FREE FREE. Welcome home my new friend!

Coat rack c. Alberto Meda for Kartell.
Second photo courtesy of Anna Werner.

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