The Nakagin Capsule tower is a treasure of 1970's Japanese Metabolist architecture. Their primary idea is to create a city of the future. This city would feature many new ideas such as large building projects, changable and reconfigurable structures that encourage natural, organic growth. This was a movement that coincided with the great growth seen in postwar Japan. This building was designed by Kisho Kurokawa in 1972 near Tokyo's ritzy Ginza district. Each apartment is small [2.3 m (8 ft) × 3.8 m (12 ft) × 2.1 m (7 ft) ] and was intended to house single sallarymen. This building is tragically slated for destruction, as it had been intended to be fitted with new modular components once the old pieces had fallen out of repair. This has not happened and the tennants hope for a new soulless glitzy high rise (as usual). Its so sad when great buildings are torn down for a more profitable venture. So so sad.

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