Announcing new work! Last night was a productive night. I wrote a new song and edited the first 2 videos in my forthcoming series "Analog Sunset." This video is the first in the series regarding the end of transmitted Analog television in the United States, which happened in the Spring of 2009. I made these videos as a eulogy to the beauty of analog broadcast television both in terms of its inherent characteristics as well as for its place in my own personal history as the media i grew up with. The video was shot from a vintage television on the week of the end of broadcast. All effects were the result of camera tricks and manipulations done by hand. All audio is acoustic instruments or Analog Synthesizer. This series has been a theme I have been exploring at the time of the loss of my grandmother. Similarly, this series reflects a theme of a new generation of technology eclipsing the last. I dedicate this series to my late grandmother Evelyn Beatie Mullen.

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