There's nothing to lighten a gent's spirits like a fresh Dior wardrobe acquisition! Voilà! I found it with its original $15.00 price tag. I wonder when it was originally bought?

Also at the same thrift store was a wild pair of red leather Christian Lacroix pants. they has huge triangle tabs off the shoulders and chains appliqued onto the surface. Sadly, the asking price was $ 499. Ridiculous.

Also, I found 3 Eames chairs (shell chair with the at Urban Ore, but they wanted $130.00 each for them What is happening to my thrift stores? On the other hand though, If I had $130, I would have bought one... I just do not understand how anyone can break into mid century in the Bay area. If Urban ore is charging that much, this will drive the prices of the dealers trying to make their own profit sky high. Its a shame that all these junk shop retailers are feeling that it is reasonable to charge like new boutique prices.

Thrifters of the Bay Area, I challenge you to NOT pay $130 for an Eames chair at Urban Ore. If we all refuse to pay these ridiculous prices from these places, maybe they will realize that charging that amount for something should include housing it somewhere where there is no possibility of a cat peeing on it... That being said, I did get a beauteous camel and black Vera scarf that day for $0.40! AMAZING.

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