Sonia Delaunay  (born Sarah Ilinitchna Stern) was the french artist who initiated the Orphism art movement. Orphism can be described by its noted geometry and strong color blocking utilizing bold shades. She was the first living woman to hold a solo retrospective at the Louvre, which took place in 1964, and in 1975 she was initiated as an officer of the French Legion of Honor. She was a thoroughly modern woman, even marrying a gay man, to escape being brought back to Russia by her family; a choice that would ultimately lead to her connections in the art world. It pays to keep some homos around ;-). Her work transcends many genres but I had wanted to share her clothing and costumes.

During the Russian revolution, Sonia turned to selling clothes and costumes for the stage for her income. It was during this period that these clothes were from. I really want the top that is a pile of triangles in reds orange, blue greens and black.

Sonia died December 5, 1979, at the age of 95.

I would do Anything for that matching jacket/dress/Citroen combo. I am so jealous.....

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