I was speaking with Eric last night at Cafe Pergolessi that its funny how places become important in our life, over time. I feel a special connection to Santa Cruz because it seems that my life keeps drawing me back there.  Also, I feel this connection to the cafe. It was this Cafe that Nathan took me to the first time that I went to Santa Cruz. It was in the same neighborhood where I lived when I first arrived in California.

I have the same experience with the Tea House Spa. I came here for the first time when I first arrived, when my dear friend Lauren came to visit  me, just after I moved. We came to this spa and soaked with my old friend Andrew in this very same tub.  It was really empowering to drive to Santa Cruz, as I had lived here without a car, dreaming of one day traveling with ease and style.

Here's a photo of their 50+ year old mature bamboo garden that the private rooms overlook. Trust me, its even better at night by candlelight over some peppermint tea.

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