(I love this chair. It was just hanging out...)



Next is my favorite residential building in San Francisco. If I could choose to live anywhere in the Bay Area, it would be here. This Streamline Deco masterpiece was featured prominently in the 1947 Humphrey Bogart film " Dark Passage." On the facades of this building are three large silver relief-friezes. The friezes are stunning; the first showing California as a beautiful woman under a rainbow. The next frieze shows a European settler bravely exploring the Bay in a majestic old world sailboat. The third frieze depicts a stylized man, holding the world in his hand, stepping over the bay bridge with airplanes sailing above his head. I really love the prominent usage of airplanes as a design feature in the friezes, to indicate man's progress and ambition., and the exciting advances in technology bringing man out of the old world and  into a life of leisure and luxury!  Architect: Irvin Goldstine, 1937








Maybe if I just close my eyes and imagine buying the penthouse, currently for sale, I will find a way.  Ommm...

I have to post a few pics of the interior of the penthouse. They are from the listing agents website...




Anyone have a cool $1,500,000 burning  a hole in your pocket?

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