What started as a stamp on the back of a found post card this weekend (as seen here) has led me today to the wonderful work of German Graphic designer Otl Aicher. Otl was the mastermind behind the graphic design for the 1972 Munich Olympics, as seen above. Otl's work paved the way for the universal symbols we all are use to seeing everywhere, like on restrooms indicating gender. Otl is credited with creating the first Olympic Mascot, Waldi the dog, pictured above. Otl also did the beautiful graphic design for Lufthansa Airlines, in 1969. Otl died in 1991 but his legacy will live on around the world, in the influence he has had on the design of  DOT Pictograms, as they drew heavily upon his influence, and these wonderful designs from the 1972 Munich Olympics, amongst many many others.

Designs by Otl Aicher. Images from Flickr Otl Aicher Group Image Pool.

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