Above design by Anneli Airikka-Lammi. Printed by Erkki Helenius Oy, a company that formed when Erkki , once a Marrimekko textile designer, split from Marimekko to launch an independant manufacturing venture.  Helenius Oy specialized in beutifully rendered images of natural phenomina. I think that this is my favorite vintage Scandinavian textile that I have ever come across!



Printed by Tampella, 1977, another wonderful midcentury Finnish textile manufacturer. Designer's name illegible.

I was so lucky when I spotted them, as they hadn't been priced, and I was eying them in the back room, through an open door. I know that this is a big thrift shopping no-no, but I have been having good luck getting great stuff by just noticing that it was about to be put out for sale. Anyways, I mustered up my kindest and most convincing demeanor and asked the sales girl if she would please allow me to have a price on them as I was to be leaving town that afternoon and very much wanted to leave with these textiles. Luckily for me, there was an old "Goodwill" price tag on the back of the Tampella "Gulls" print, indicating $4.00. which I indicated to the Manager- who was called over to price the wall hangings.  The Manager quickly agreed that this would be a fine price for each, but it gets better..... It was 50% off day! I got them both for $4.00 total!!!!!! Amazing!!! Goes to show that if you want it bad enough and are willing to wait, the things that we channel will come to us... Sometimes you just have to ask. More to come on my great finds here at the 1/2 off thrift store.

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