(Brük and Luc at Creative Growth)

 (Turkey by Tony Pedemonte, dimensions variable )

 (Rug by Erin Punzel)

(Beyond words!!!)

(Sculpture by Tony Pedemonte, dimensions variable)

 (Assorted sculptural works by Tony Pedemonte)

And of course my favorite, the AMAZING furniture that has been a long term collaboritive projects, involving many of Creative Growth's talented artists. 

Creative Growth Art Center serves adult artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities, providing an engaging environment for artistic instruction, gallery promotion and personal expression. this show was a wonderful celebration of their work, and an opportunity for the public to purchase work and meet the artists and staff. Be sure to check out this remarkable and unique community center and gallery.

355 24th Street - Oakland, CA, 94612
Phone:510-836-2340 x 15
Mon - Fri:11:00 am - 4:30 pm 

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