So, my roommate Matthew is moving out. I knew right away when he sent the "I am going to lay on some bummer news tonight, will you be free?" e-mail. I know that everyone is on their own trajectory so I wish him the best. He has said that he thinks he is going to move to Seattle and needs to save money so is moving in with old friends in the city. I wish he had considered this before moving in but whatever. People have to do whats best for them in the moment and I am sure that this is whats best for him. Its probably whats best for the house too, as I will explain.

I am sad that he is going but I have to say, I hope that this move cheers him up... Its a shame to see him go but I think that I have someone lined up to take the room who will actually be a really exciting new roommate who is a pleasure to see. I am ready to share that WONDERFUL, AMAZING, and BEAUTIFUL apartment with people who really WANT to be there. With the people who also actually live there. I am excited to live with someone who is excited to see ME. Just as I am. I need this from my roommates to not feel like I live in a boarding house. God knows I have spent enough time doing that...

Although I lust after the idea of living alone where I do not have to fall victim to the flights of fancy of my cohabitants, I really do like to come home to my friends. Its a bummer seeing people go most of the time. I guess I am glad that we are making this switch now but I really hope that this switch is the last until Lindsay swoops up Lenny. I know it sounds naive to say but I am tired of these road bumps and surprises. Anyways, its hard saying goodbye especially when you are not sure if you will connect with that person if you do not have some sort of shared experience. However the case, I guess at the bottom of it all I am really sad that I will not see Matthew anymore in my day to day life. It has been a good year living with him. I wish him the best.

That's all for now.

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