This weekend I found this fun new broach on an expedition with Danielle Brown from I'm Overdressed . She has the best fashion sense and is one of the very very few people who can thrift circles around me.


     This new purple plad YSL tie is indeed my new favorite. I got it in a bag of random ties that were sold bagged for $3.99. Out of this bonanza bag I pulled 5 Dior ties, a Giorgio Armani tie, 2 new YSL ties, and a home made tie with perfume patches and rhinestone applique. This purple check one is the treasure though, for shure. I know that this will be a new lifetime favorite.

Shirt- Dries Van Noten
Blazer-Yves Saint Laurent Homme
Tie- Yves Saint Laurent
Broach- vintage (lavender stolen from a garden in Berkeley, on my way to the office)

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