Last night I learned that one of my oldest and closest friends is leaving the West Coast. My roommate Lenny is moving back to Boston after being laid off at his job. I am heartbroken.

Why is it that almost everyone that I know is over qualified for their medial, thankless, dead-end jobs that they are stuck in, and are now being turned out to the streets? Lindsay Grant has lost her employment to the economy. Jake has been Fired again. Matthew had been laid off when we still lived in the city (although he luckily got right back on his feet.) I have heard that 3 friends may be facing layoffs at U.C. Berkeley, where another friend has already lost their job due to cutbacks. Now Lenny has been laid off too... This is just off the top of my head. This has to stop. Its a shame really.

A whole generation has been held back from taking the next step into adulthood by moving up from our entry level positions. Its terrible. I can even think of two instances of multiple people that I know mentioning that they unknowingly were competing for the same jobs on Craigslist! Another instance includes a colleague who was beat out for one job by another colleague. I know that these things happen but it is scary when a new job posting on the internet is like a news flash, that gets people talking. I know that there is suppose to be ups and downs in the economy but our generation need the opportunity to advance and make something of ourselves.

So recently I had so many people who I had long and meaningful bonds with leave. What does this mean? Am I meant to stay here? Do I love it here without the people in my life who make it so special? I do not mean to snowball all the changes that are happening but I cant help but wonder with all of these drastic changes happening in front of me. I guess I really do. I cant really imagine being anywhere else. It can be blinding being distracted with all this change...

Goodbye Lenny. I keep tearing up thinking about it so I guess that this is all I have to say.

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