Every now and then, life is bound to send one a stretch of headaches and heartaches. Sometimes it seems that they all come at once, relentlessly, from every direction. So, I recommend having some things on hand for when you feel really let down by everything. Considering that this week is suppose to be the beginning of the rain and winter, and also that the people who I usually turn to for cheer have little themselves to offer, I am turning to myself to think of the things that I do to make myself feel great, without anyone else's help. In the end, all we really have is ourselves.

1- Tons of Ikea candles... I know that they are cheep and decidedly NOT chic, but they are like $0.0001 each and cheap enough to have a 100 candle bath every night. Go ahead, light a million of them. Live opulently for your spirit. Just be sure not to place them in dangerous places. I find it imperative to place them on coasters as they tend to leak sometimes, or can damage fine finishes with their heat while burning. A house fire is the last way to relax and beat the blues... Anyways, I like to fill my room up with them, and to surround my bath with them. They might be a small luxury but its the little things that we can count on that really make the difference.


2-Lots of time in my bath. OK, I wish that this was my bath but until this lovely appliance is available to me regularly, I will be sinking my head under, shutting my eyes and picturing myself floating in this automatic human washer prototype from Sanyo in the 1970s. This is NOT a cue for you to sneak into my bath and scare me while I am underwater daydreaming...

(I heard that they have actually released something similar to this in Japan for the elderly. )

3-Vor-Mag Spray. I prefer Lavender. They claim that the water has been vortexized and magnetized which they state that they "...believe to be more beneficial." I think it smells divine.

4-Kate Bush. She speaks for herself. Or hoots for herself. Or yodels for herself, and I love it all. Some day I want to be at Eselan relaxing in the spring, only to look up and out at the horizon over the ocean, to notice Kate Bush riding a Beluga into the sunset...


5-New Designer Accessories. This really is the answer to pretty much any problem. I like to keep a small stash on hand just in case I wake up (or are still awake from tossing and turning) with the blues. Celine accessories seem to really have an uplifting effect. I was originally advised against buying this tie, so I hadn't gotten it the first time I saw it. Upon seeing it the second time while I was out shopping after wishing I had bought it, I grabbed it. Its really doing  the trick today lifting my spirits. The purple of the tie really compliments my pink Dior shirt that I am wearing it with. Tassels are IN! New rule. Anything silk with a rope motif from France- ALWAYS BUY IT.

6- A single Lavender blossom as a boutonniere. The fragrance of lavender is known to aid in the suppression of anxiety and depression as well as having a centering and calming effect. I like to add it to my bath and around my bed to help me sleep. During the day, I like to wear it as a boutonniere. God bless the garden that I pilfer these from. I have been snatching one a day for weeks and there are still hundreds and hundreds of flowers still in bloom. Its like the Hanukkah Miracle of lavender.

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