Sometimes I dream about what it would be like if I had a chance today to buy a property. What would I live in if I had the choice to pick anything? I guess that would be Villa Savoye.

I think really though, this will probably be a few years off. I am too young for such opulence. Here is something that I stumbled across that would be a pretty sweet other choice, at least until I am able to afford my Parisian modernist estate.

This is the wee house. They are a set of modular home building blocks like legos. I like this small single studio. I would need a HUGGGGEEEE barn just outside of the frame to fill with my chair collection but I think that I could get down like this... This winter photo reminds me of home too, so I had to post it. Maybe someone will buy me this and me and my sister can both live in modern modular style...Here's the link to Weehouse's website.

I just have to put one more picture of my dream home's dream tub...

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